IEPA regulatory filings

1 Regulatory-Filings/2018 a9c06b3188
CPUC -- IEP Responsive RA Track 2 Comments FILED 8-8-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Response to Liberty Holdings Motion for RPS Waiver FILED 2-26-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Response to ALJ Ruling re SB 350 Penalties and Waivers -- FINAL 2-1-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments re RA Wkshp and Proposals FILED 3-16-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments re 2018 RA OIR -- FILED 11-9-17.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments on Staff Societal Cost Test Amended Proposal FILED 5-7-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Reply Comments on IRP Reference Plan FILED 11-9-17.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Proposal for Mult-Year RA in Track 1 FILED 2-16-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Opening Brief on PCIA -- FILED 6-1-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Motion re RPS Plans and LT Contracts -- FILED 9-5-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Motion for Energy Division Report on RPS Plans FILED 8-22-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Consolidated Reply Comments on PCIA PD and APD FILED 9-13-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on RPS OIR FILED 8-13-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on RA Wkshop and Parties Proposals FILED 3-7-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on RA Scoping Memo --- FINAL 1-30-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on PURPA OIR FILED 9-12-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on PD Implementing SB 350 RPS Penalties and Waivers -- Final 5-21-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on IRP Resourece Reference Plan PD -- FINAL 1-17-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on Draft Resolution E-4909 re PG&E Local Area Solicitation.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on 2018 RPS Plans --- FILED 9-21-18.pdf
CPUC -- IEP Comments on 2018 RPS Plans -- FINAL 9-14-18.pdf
CPUC -- Comments of the IEPA on the Proposed Reference System Plan-FINAL.pdf
CPUC -- Comments of the IEPA on the Order Instituting Rulemaking--FINAL.pdf
CEC -- TN224212_20180719T160127_Jeffery_D_Harris_Comments_Comments_of_the_Independent_Energy_Producers_Ass.pdf
CEC -- R1709020-IEPA-S. Kelly-PreparedTrack2Testimony.pdf
CEC -- IEP Comments re Draft Language of Siting Amendments FILED 2-21-18.pdf
CEC -- 180719_IEP_Comments_Proposed Changes to Siting Regs_17-OIR-02 (00447925xBA8E1).pdf
CAISO -- Multi-Year RA Framework Working Group Questions (4-23-18).pdf
CAISO -- IEP CommentsTemplate-ReviewTransmissionAccessChargeStructure-StrawProposal -- FINAL 2-15-18.pdf
CAISO -- IEP Comments re RMR and CPM -issuepaperandstrawproposal -- FINAL 2-20-18.pdf
CAISO -- IEP Comments re CAISO TAC Review -- Revised Straw Proposal FINAL 4-25-18.pdf
CAISO -- IEP Comments on the DA Market Enhancement Revised Straw Proposal -- FINAL 5-2-18.pdf
CAISO -- IEP Comments on the DA Market Enhancement Issue Paper and Straw Proposal -- FINAL 3-21-18.pdf
CAISO -- IEP Comments on the 2nd Revised Draft FRACMOO2 Proposal -- FINAL 5-17-18.pdf
CAISO -- IEP Comments on CAISO 2030 Vision Discussion Paper -- FINAL 11-20-17.pdf
CAISO -- Agenda-Presentation-2019DraftFlexibleCapacityNeedsAssessment.pdf