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Summary of Solutions

Power up, California

With decisive leadership and corrective action on three fronts, California can create a truly competitive electricity market that delivers a reliable supply of clean and affordable energy to the state's business and residential energy consumers.

These are the solutions that will provide the energy to drive California's economy, protect the environment, meet rising demand, foster genuine competition and power California into the future.

  • Stabilize prices and protect consumers against rate spikes - by directing utilities to diversify their energy supply portfolios with a prudent balance of short and long-term power contracts.
  • Provide consumers with real choice, better service, more conservation options and the benefits of healthy competition - by creating a robust retail market where fair competition flourishes.
  • Protect jobs, ensure reliability, safeguard the environment and increase supply to reduce prices - by building new power plants, modernizing existing plants and increasing transmission capacity.
For more information, please contact Independent Energy Producers, 1215 K Street, Suite 900, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 448-9499



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