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Energy Acronyms

AB   Assembly Bill
AC   Alternating Current
AEI   Advanced Energy Initiative
AMI   Advanced Metering Infrastructure
AMR   Automated Meter Reading
APCD   Air Pollution Control District
APCO   Air Pollution Control Officer
AQIP   Air Quality Investment Program
AQMD   Air Quality Management District
AQMP   Air Quality Management Plan
ARB   Air Resources Board
BG   Biomass Gassification
BLM   Bureau of Land Management
BTL   Biomass-to-Liquid
CAISO   California Independent System Operator
CalEPA   California Environmental Protection Agency
CARB   California Air Resources Board
CARES   Conservation and Renewable Energy System
CCAA   California Clean Air Act
CCR   California Code of Regulations
CDF   California Department of Forestry
CDFG   California Department of Fish and Game
CEC   California Energy Commission
CED   California Energy Demand
CEM   Continuous Emissions Monitoring
CEMS   Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
CEQA   California Environmental Quality Act
CESA   California Endangered Species Act
CFR   Code of Federal Regulations
CIWMB   California Integrated Waste Management Board
CNG   Compressed Natural Gas
CPUC   California Public Utilities Committee
CT   Combustion Turbine
CT   Current Transformer
CTG   Combustion Turbine Generator
CTL   Coal-to-Liquid Conversion
CWA   Clean Water Act
DC   Direct Current
DCTL   Double Circuit Transmission Line
DER   Distributed Energy Resources
DOC   Determination of Compliance
DOE   Department of Energy
DOT   Department of Transportation
DR   Demand Response
DSM   Demand Side Management
EA   Environmental Assessment
EAP   Energy Action Plan
EDF   Environmental Defense Fund
EDR   Energy Development Report
EER   Energy Efficiency Ratio
EFLIN   Electric Utility Financial and Production Simulation Model
EFS&EPD   Energy Facilities Siting and Environmental Protection Division
EHV   Extra High Voltage
EIA   Energy Information Administration
EIR   Environmental Impact Report
EIS   Environmental Impact Statement
ELCON   Electricity Consumers Resources Council
EMM   Electricity Market Model
EPA   Environmental Protection Agency
EPACT   Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT)
EPCA   Energy Policy and Conservation Act
EPR   Energy Profit Ratio
EPRI   Electric Power Research Institute
ERC   Emission Reduction Credit
ERPA   Energy Resources Program Account
ESA   Endangered Species Act
ESA   Environmental Site Assessment
ESP   Energy Service Providers
ETSR   Energy Technologies Status Report
EUC   End Use Consumption
FAA   Federal Aviation Administration
FCAA   Federal Clean Air Act
FCC   Federal Communications Commission
FEIR   Final Environmental Impact Report
FEMA   Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERC   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FIP   Federal Implementation Plan
GENCO   Generation Company
GHG   Greenhouse Gas
GRDA   Geothermal Resources Development Account
GRIM   Government Regulatory Impact Model
GW   Gigawatt
GWh   Gigawatt-hour
GWP   Global Warming Potential
HELM   Hourly Electric Load Model
HRA   Health Risk Assessment
HRSG   Heat Recovery Steam Generator
HTS   High Temperature Superconducting
HV   High Voltage
ID   Load Identification
IEA   International Energy Agency
IEPR   Integrated Energy Policy Report
IMBUILD   Impact of Building
IMPLAN   Impact Analysis for Planning
IOU   Investor Owned Utility
IPP   Independent Power Producer
IRP   Integrated Resource Planning
ISO   Independent System Operator
JES   Joint Environmental Statement
KGRA   Known Geothermal Resources Area
km   Kilometer
kV   Kilovolt
KVA   Kilovolt-ampere
kVa   Kilovolt-Ampere
KVAR   Kilovolt-amphere Reactive
kW   Kilowatt
kWe   Kilowatt (electric)
kWh   Kilowatt Hour
kWp   Peak Kilowatt
LCR   Local Capacity Requirement
LL   Load Loss
LNG   Liquefied Natural Gas
LORS   Laws, Ordinances, Regulations and Standards
LQHC   Low Quality Hydrocarbons
LSE   Load Serving Entity
LTPP   Long Term Procurement Proceeding
LV   Low Voltage
LWR   Light Water Reactor
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
MPR   Market Price Referent
MRTU   Market Redesign and Technology Upgrade
MSERCs   Mobile Source Emission Reduction Credits
MV   Megavolt
MVA   Megavolt-amperes
MVAR   Megavolt-ampere reactive
MW   Megawatt
MWh   Megawatt Hour
MWp   Peak Megawatt
NAAQS   National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NAICS   North American Industry Classification System
NARUC   The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NASUCA   The National Association of Utility Consumer Advocates
ND   Negative Declaration
NEMS   National Energy Modeling System
NEPA   National Environmental Policy Act
NERC   North American Electric Reliability Council
NES   National Energy Savings
NESHAPS   National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
NG   Natural Gas
NGL   Natural Gas Liquids
NHA   National Hydropower Association
NIMBY   Not In My Backyard
NL   No-Load Losses
NMFS   National Marine Fisheries Service
NMHC   Nonmethane Hydrocarbons
NOI   Notice of Intention
NOPR   Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NOx   Nitrogen Oxides
NRC   Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRDC   Natural Resources Defense Council
NRECA   National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
NREL   National Renewable Energy Laboratory (DOE)
NRTA   Northwest Regional Transmission Association
NUG   Non-Utility Generator
O&M   Operation and Maintenance
O3   Ozone
OASIS   Open Access Same-Time Information System
OEE   Office of Energy Efficiency
OIRA   Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
OMB   Office of Management and Budget
ORA   Office of Ratepayer Advocates
OSB   Oversight Board
OSHA   Occupational Safety and Health Act
OTEC   Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
PGP   Public Generating Pool
PIER   Public Interest Energy Research Program
PIFUA   Federal Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978
PM   Particulate Matter or Project Manager
PMA   Power Marketing Authority
ppb   Parts Per Billion
PPC   Public Power Council
ppm   Parts Per Million
ppmvd   Parts Per Million by Dry Volume
ppt   Parts Per Thousand
PRC   Public Resources Code
PRF   Peak Responsibility Factor
PT   Potential Transformer
PTO   Permit to Operate
PU   Per Unit
PUC   Public Utilities Commission
PURPA   Federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act of 1978
PV   Photovoltaic
PX   The California Power Exchange Corporation
QA/QC   Quality Assurance/Quality Control
QF   Qualifying Facility
QFER   Quarterly Fuel and Energy Reports
RETI   Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative
RETO   Reasonably Expected to Occur
RFO   Request for Offer
RFP   Request for Proposals
RFQ   Request for Qualifications
RPS   Renewable Portfolio Standard
RTG   Regional Transmission Group
RTO   Regional Transmission Organization
RTP   Real-Time Pricing
RWQCB   Regional Water Quality Control Board
SB   Senate Bill
SCTL   Single Circuit Transmission Line
SEC   Securities and Exchange Commission
SEER   Seasonal Energy Efficience Ratio
SEGS   Solar Electric Generating Station
SIP   State Implementation Plan
STIG   Steam Injected Gas Turbine
SWP   State Water Project
SWRCB   State Water Resources Control Board
TAC   Toxic Air Contaminant
TDM   Tariff Data Model
TE   Transmission Engineering
TL   Transmission Line(s)
TS&N   Transmission Safety and Nuisance
TSE   Transmission System Engineering
TSIN   Transmission Services Information Network
TSP   Total Suspended Particulate Matter
UBC   Uniform Building Code
UDC   Utility Distribution Company
UDF   Utility Displacement Factor
UEC   Average Unit of Energy Consumption for Each End Use
UEG   Utility Electric Generator
UL   Underwriters Laboratories
URL   Uniform Resource Locator
URR   Ultimately Recoverable Resources
USGS   United States Geological Survey
V   Volts
VAWT   Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine
W   Watt
WAPA   Western Interconnection Coordination Forum
WATSCO   The Western Association for Transmission System Coordination
WCI   Western Climate Initiative
WICF   Western Interconnection Forum
WIEB   Western Interstate Energy Board
WPAG   Western Public Agency Group
WRTA   Western Region Transmission Association
WSCC   Western Systems Coordinating Council
WSPP   Western Systems Power Pool


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