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Our aim is to propose open and fair competition
and market opportunities in the power supply industry.

Independent Energy Producers Association (IEP) is California's oldest and leading nonprofit trade association, representing the interest of developers and operators of independent energy facilities and independent power marketers.  IEP members collectively own and operate approximately one-third of California installed generating capacity, which includes renewable products derived from biomass, geothermal, small hydro, solar, and wind, producers of highly efficient cogeneration and owners/operators of gas-fired merchant facilities.

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Types of Alternative Energy

The term biomass generally really applies to a fuel source rather than a specific generation technology.  Biomass fuels are combustible organic materials which can vary dramatically in form.  For example, agricultural by products such as wood chips, almond shell, and municipal solid waste are examples of materials which could be combusted with little processing to generate electricity.  Cogeneration can utilize biomass fuels, or the material may be combusted directly in a boiler.

Biomass as a fuel source also includes "biogas' fuels.  For example, methane recovered from landfills can be combusted to produce electricity.  This technology reduces fugitive methane releases (a major greenhouse gas) and produces a useful commodity.  Another source of biogas are farms; dairy waste products (manure and other material) can be placed into a "digester" where microbacterial decomposition produces combustible gases.  This technique can also be applied at waste water treatment facilities.

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